Dream Makers

Dream Makers

Dream Makers create opportunity both for themselves and the people around them. Their actions ignite potential and create a cycle which inspires wellness throughout the community.

Clayton Bell

Nova Southeastern | B.S. in Elementary Education
ACCF Activity Coordinator, Staff Member for 16 years

Mr. Bell inspires our students everyday as the ACCF Activity Coordinator by cultivating experiences and field trips to unique educational centers that allow our students to have new adventures, chances to dream big and to give back to our local community that they may have never had the without the help of Mr. Bell and ACCF.

He continues to make dreams His dedication does not stop there, over the holidays Mr. Bell and some of our 5th grade students collaborated to visit a local nursing home and bring them hand made holiday cards.

What have you accomplished since joining ACCF?

“The children at ACCF and I have traveled on many field trips together and I have such love for what I do, especially when I see the smile on their faces, and when they tell me what they have learned and how excited they are to share with their family and friends. Watching them achieve this awareness of the world around them is so critical and I am proud to be a part of their development and education.”

At ACCF Community & Family are the corner stone of our programs, we are truly blessed to have so many wonderful, long time staff members, including Mr. Bell, who help inspire wellness, creativity and a drive to succeed and give back in our students.

Ngozi Williams

U.S. Navy | Howard University Student Class of 2018 | Political Science
ACCF Alumni

Ngozi Williams attended ACCF back when we were known as the Community Child Care Center of Delray. The same programs and nurturing environment we offer today created the drive she needs to graduate from Howard University, in 2018, with a degree in Political Science. Ngozi is getting closer to fulfilling her dream each day.

Why did you choose the Navy?

“It has long been my desire to work for the FBI so I looked into the military services and was recruited by the US Navy, because I had mastered my Arabic, which I took as my foreign language.”

What has inspired you?

“Over the years I have always tried to make sure that I put back into the community what was given to me as I was growing up. Volunteering whenever the opportunity presented itself. When I was in countries such as South Korea, Guam, Hong Kong and even Singapore I made sure I was available to volunteer. These were chances to learn about other cultures and be an ambassador for the U.S. to show that there is more to the American culture than what is depicted on television. Although the name has changed from Community Child Care Center the foundation of COMMUNITY and FAMILY is what sits at the base of my core values and has been an inspiration and driving force behind a lot of decisions I have made.”