Stay tuned for all the Ways to be Wicked in 2020!

? A message from Alpha ?

September greetings witches!

2020 certainly has been a taxing year…even for magical creatures like witches!

We’ve all been wondering about the status of our October flight to benefit the Achievement Centers for Children & Families.

The word from the City of Delray Beach is that they are not approving any special event permits until 2021.

With that, our flight has been canceled this year.

But don’t fret! Witches are creative people, and the Witches of Delray are a bicycle coven…we can most certainly “roll with it”

Beta and I as well as the amazing staff at ACCF have put our hats together and we still have plenty of socially distant hi jinks planned!

All will be revealed on September 14th!! Stay tuned for all the Ways to be Wicked in 2020 with the Witches of Delray! #witchesofdelray2020 #waystobewicked #everyonedeservesthechancetofly